Baseball Caps & Snap Back Hats

Snapback Caps

Snapback caps are adjustable to fit most head sizes. They have a plastic piece in the back that can make the base of the hat wider or narrower. They tend to come in one size. The snapback feature is becoming more common for designer caps. You can also find it on trucker hats, traditional baseball caps and ladies ball caps.

Fitted Caps

Fitted caps are supposed to surround your head securely and comfortably. Mens and womens designer caps may not have a snapback adjustment. These hats can have a more sophisticated look than their adjustable counterparts. Forego a logo for a solid color or a trendy design. Fitted baseball hats can bring casual appeal to leather jackets, athleisure outfits and denim. If you wear your hat backwards, you may prefer the fitted style.

How To Wear A Baseball Cap

When it comes to rocking a baseball cap, most rules don't apply. Ladies can throw on a designer linen cap and sneakers to make a dress more casual. Straw hats can bring a beachy feel to any outfit. For those who want to streamline their look, designer flat caps provide the casual appeal of baseball hats but add fashionable flair.