Bucket Hats


Relaxed Fashion

Have you noticed? Bucket hats are trending right now. They are those hats often made of cotton, with a close fitting crown and a brim that frames the face. For men and women alike, whenever you want to add a bit of personality to a relaxed and understated look, this hat is always on point.

Even before it gained fashion stardom, being the hat associated with television's Gillligan gave it a quirky stylishness. Now it's the adaptability of this hat, its ability to be worn by practically anyone, in any casual setting, that boosts its popularity. It may have begun as sun protection, but the truth is that it's pure fashion fun.



Options Galore

What makes this hat so endearing is the array of colors, patterns and prints. Bucket hats for men, for example, make a distinctive fashion statement regardless of the items worn with them simply because of their colors and prints. That may well account for their appeal among celebrities, too.

For instance, does anyone look as effortlessly cool as rocker Liam Gallagher, rapper LL Cool J or singer Pharrell Williams, a style icon in his own right when it comes to wearing hats as they step out in bucket hats styled in their own inimitable ways? Each of these men has taken this simple design and made it his fashion statement, inspiring legions of fans to style themselves accordingly.

Practical for Men

Take our Fairway-Stetson bucket hat, for example. A classic cotton blend, it features a khaki tone that complements virtually any casual wear in a man's closet while the striped band in red and blue adds a playful pop of color without distracting from the overall look. Whether a man is playing a round of golf, whiling away a few hours fishing or just out for a weekend afternoon, this hat always works.

Fashionable for Women

Of course, anything with that much flair gains even more when fashionistas do the styling. This explains the allure of bucket hats for women. A chic and whimsical way to inject a bit of personal creativity into an ensemble, these hats have been seen on Rihanna in a camouflage print styled with a vintage cameo brooch in the center; on Reese Witherspoon, who was a study in navy with oversized shades and a navy bucket hat; and on Jessica Alba, in a seafoam green design with a raindrop-print trench coat.

It's not just the colors but also the decorative elements that insert a bit of extra caprice into bucket hats for women. The ribbon flower that accents our Jeanne Simmons poly bucket hat in both black and white, for instance, is a decidedly feminine flourish that immediately adds a flirty touch to a simple little black dress or your favorite jeans.

Similarly, bows add a hint of yesteryear charm to our Toyo straw bucket hat and our cotton braid bucket hat, both by Jeanne Simmons as well. Their neutral, natural tones make them an ideal accompaniment to attire of any hue, but it's the bows that add the zip and artistry not only to the hat but also to any outfit paired with it. These hats make getting dressed an art form.

Setting Trends

Whether you are seeking bucket hats for men or for women, the fun, uncomplicated quality of these hats displays your fashion-forward originality. With that kind of ingenuity, you will set your own trends.