Ivy Caps


Ivy Caps - History and Great Styles for Young and Old Alike

The thing is, ivy caps actually date as far back as fourteenth century England and Ireland. Originally designed of a rough wool and worn by working class young men, Men's Ivy Caps evolved into an upscale version as well. Fashioned from silk or cashmere, these jaunty hats took on new elegance when sported by the country-club set to play golf.

Then they made their way across the pond with new immigrants to the United States. Interestingly, the hats expanded their uses. Newsboy caps, for example, a variation on the flat caps, became the eponymous hat of the boys who sold newspapers, but their larger crown with a button in the center and slightly longer brim also became the favorite headwear of the everyday working man.

Being associated with limousine and taxicab drivers didn't hurt the hat's image either, giving it a rugged sex appeal. Of course, the aura of wealth has its own cachet, which is why these caps have remained the hat of choice for upper class sportsmen and Ivy League college professors alike.

All of this explains why Men's Ivy Caps transcend age and era. They're equally appealing to young men and older men, which is why these hats are hot right now. For instance, our Stetson STW46 taupe suede ivy hat is the perfect accent to jeans or khakis and a blazer. With plush texture and cutting-edge style, it's the kind of cap that polishes a young man's look and adds a playful touch to the same look worn by a distinguished man of a certain age. Even better, the neutral color works with virtually any other tones, from neutrals to bright red and any shade of green or blue.

Herringbones, plaids and tweeds are the choice of men who simply love hats, those who use hats as their signature piece and those who like to make a fashion statement. Take our Stetson STW228 brown quilted patches wool blend hat. With its combination of brown plaids, herringbones and tweeds in a patchwork pattern, this hat has pizzazz. A young man reaches for this hat to wear with jeans while an older man may style it with a sport coat and dress slacks or with a pullover sweater and casual pants.

Then there's the pure fun of a cap like our Stacy Adams SA22 Melton wool newsboy caps. A decidedly casual style, it's a draw for young men who enjoy the sportiness of a baseball cap but with a bit more panache. Plus, the navy blue color makes these newsboy hats a wardrobe staple that could become the go-to hat for weekends.

More refined than a baseball cap and not quite as serious as a fedora, these caps are a complement to a man's wardrobe regardless of his age. Moreover, their classic style gives them vintage appeal as well another reason that men of all ages rock these hats.