Kangol 504 vs 507

Differences and Style Highlights of the 504 and 507 Kangol Hats

Kangol offers a range of hat shapes from trilbies to baseball caps and everything in between. These hats are hip, and popular among Hollywood elites, hip-hop stars, influencers, and others, and they give you a sense of confident, self-assured style that tells the world you are hip, sexy and cutting edge.

Two of the more distinctive and well-known flat caps made by Kangol are the 504 and 507. These Kangol hats capture the essence of this company's unique style and each is firmly embedded in the culture. In short, when you look for icons of the company, you think of the 504 and 507.

What's the Difference Between the 504 vs the 507?

The difference between the Kangol 504 vs the 507 caps are slight but noticeable. Both the 504 and 507 Kangol hats are flat caps, but they have different shapes. The 507 has a slightly sharper appearance with a crown that is taller in the back and comes to a sharper point in the front. The 504 are rounder and flatter all around.

Kangol 507 & 504

The Kangol 507 vs. the Kangol 504 flat cap. Both feature a unique, stylish shape with just a slightly different look.

When to Wear the 504 and 507 (and what to pair it with)

Interestingly, each hat draws its name from the hat form it is made on (forms 540 and 507). So, since they are made on different forms they always have that different look.

Wondering when to wear the 504 versus the 507? It's not an easy question to answer. But since each one has a unique style all its own, and both are hip, modern and elevate your look, you really can't go wrong whichever you choose.

The 504 is a bit sharper since it is slimmer and has a lower profile. This makes it more ideal for outfits that have a slightly more casual or detailed style. These hats are also better suited for someone with a longer face, as they won't add length to your overall appearance.

Kangol wool

The Kangol 504 wool flat cap gives you style and unique urban flair.

The 507 is slightly rounder with a slightly taller crown but not by much. Even so, if you have a longer face you want to stay away from any hat that is taller in the crown. The 507 will also complement rounder curves in your face, so those with fuller, rounder faces should opt for the 507.

Wool Kangol 507

The Kangol Wool 507 flat cap is a stylish and hip urban hat perfect for the golf course or a night out.

wool 504

The Kangol 504 wool flat cap gives you style and unique urban flair.

black 507

The Kangol Wool 507 flat cap is a stylish and hip urban hat perfect for the golf course or a night out.

Mesh Kangol

This Kangol Mesh Stripe flat cap is cool, unique and stylish. It gives you a sexy, hip and urbane look that's fresh and totally unique.

Tropic 507

The Kangol 507 Tropic Ventair is a modern, hip hat perfect for elevating wardrobes.

Tropic 504

The Kangol 504 Tropic Ventair 504 flat cap gives you a stylish, cool and hip look that's impossible to replicate.

red 504

The Kangol Bamboo 507 wool cap blends urban style and unique class to elevate your style.

Kangol hat

The 504 pairs with more distinctive outfits like a sport blazer and overcoat, or a sweater. It's also a colder-weather hat-wear it in the fall or springtime, and winter if it is not too cold.

Meanwhile, the 507 with its dramatic slope from front to back and sharper overall appearance looks better with lighter weight clothing, perhaps a sports jacket, lightweight leather jacket, t-shirt or more casual sport clothes.

Choose the 504 when you want a richer accent that's more classy than sporty, and choose the 507 for a sharp, modern appearance that is clean and aggressive.

Basically, if you like a sporty appearance, opt for the 507 vs the 504 which offers a much more distinctive shape and style. When you want a more authoritative and subdued by assured style, choose the 504.

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