Powerful Accessories: 4 Hat Styles Every Man Should Own

In years gone by, wearing a hat was a social expectation for men. It was practical, as travel typically happened by foot or horseback. People back then remained exposed to the elements much longer than now. Even though people don’t wear hats as much today, the same hat styles from long ago are still popular today.

Men no longer have to wear hats all the time, but that just makes it all the more eye-catching when they do put them on. If you want to make a stylistic splash, check out these four hat styles every man should own.

Baseball Cap

Whether it’s a snapback, trucker hat, or dad cap, the chances are that if you own a hat already as a man, you have at least one type of baseball cap. There is a level of practicality to this style, given that it effectively keeps the sun off your face. But a baseball cap is also a good stylistic weapon to have in your arsenal.

You can only wear baseball caps with casual attire, but they work well in a wide range of styles. They’re at home with athleisure wear and streetwear.

Straw Hat

While baseball caps are good at keeping the sun off your face, there may be a sunny day when you need a little more help keeping cool. That’s when the straw hat becomes an indispensable hat style you should own as a man. There are numerous types of straw hats, including:

  • Safari
  • Cowboy
  • Boater
  • Trilby
  • Porkpie

The straw breathes easily, keeping heat from becoming trapped against your head. At the same time, the brim helps protect your eyes from the sun. This makes it the perfect hat for an outdoor shindig.


As wonderful as baseball and straw hats are, they are almost exclusively casual-occasion hats. If you want something you can wear with a suit and a tie, your best bet is to channel your inner Frank Sinatra and look to the mighty fedora.

Remember that a fedora is different from its short-brimmed cousin, the trilby. You’ll want to focus on heavier fabrics like wool or felt rather than straw for formal occasions.

Flat Caps

If you want a vintage-inspired look without wearing the trilby, the flat cap is a good way to call to mind the turn of the century (the 20th or 21st—take your pick). A flat cap is perfect for winter, keeping heat trapped near the head while shielding you from the sun in casual scenarios. It also works well in more formal situations.

Whether wearing one is a social expectation or not, the hat is a perfect way to make a statement. Here at Fashionable Hats, we carry various men’s Dobbs hats perfect for completing any ensemble.