The Best Fashionable Hat Brands for Men in 2021

It’s no secret that a carefully selected hat is the perfect way to punch up any man’s look. The right hat transforms your outfit into the statement you’re looking for, from a classic, rustic style to something more contemporary.

However, just like picking the right type of hat is important to making the most of your apparel, so is buying from the appropriate brand. These are some of the best fashionable hat brands for men in 2021 and beyond to consider as you shop for your next best accessory.


Stetson is widely regarded as one of the top hat manufacturers on the globe. Established in 1865, this brand crafts everything from classic cowboy hats to bold fedoras that offer a unique and distinct aesthetic. These hats are both incredibly stylish and durable. Waterproof properties make them an instant hit with any outdoorsman. Stetson’s legacy is expected to continue through the end of 2021 and well into the next few years.


If you’re looking for the perfect blend of personal flare and trend-setting style, Kangol hats offer this in spades. Commonly worn by hip-hop stars and other music industry professionals, they’re hats for the individual who wants to express themselves. With their characteristic front flaps and rounded design, they can make anyone turn their head for a second look.


Another of the best fashionable hat brands for men in 2021 is Bailey. World-renowned for its quality and diverse selection, this brand sets out to make hats that take the fashion industry by storm. The company’s dedication to innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a great supplier of several different designs.


Tilley is an iconic brand for its line of outdoor hats. These hats boast water-resistant, sun-protective, and even secret compartment features, making them the perfect accessory for trekking through the woods. In addition to these characteristics, Tilley hats are incredibly stylish and are just as fashionable walking the streets of your neighborhood.

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