Top Fashionable Hat Styles for Women This Fall

As the weather gets cooler, our attention in the hat world goes from keeping our heads shaded and cool to keeping them warm and protected.

But just because we are entering the season of abundant layers doesn’t mean we have to let fashion go by the wayside. In fact, fall is one of the best seasons for ladies’ hats. All it takes is one look at the top fashionable hat styles for women this fall to know that autumn is the season for style to shine.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

If you were to look up images of the ideal fall hat for women, at least half of the results would be this staple. Wide-brimmed fall hats are different from the floppy straw sunhats of the summer. These hats are typically come in wool or a similar fabric, with a stiff brim.

Wide-brimmed hats come in several styles. Some have a flat, gambler-style crown, while others have shapelier crowns. For this style, look for a fedora with a pinched front and dented sides. Otherwise, you can look at our women’s Stetson hats, which boast flat fronts and pinched tops and sides.

Newsboy Hats

Newsboy caps have worked their way in and out of fashion for the last hundred years and have come back around as a fashionable hat style for women this fall.

Newsboy hats are round at the top with a short brim, and they come in a variety of fabric styles. For a cozy or vintage-inspired look, pair a wool or cotton hat with a cozy sweater. Or, for a modern, urban look, wear a black leather or polyester hat with a leather jacket.


This iconic European headwear has reemerged on the fashion runway and made its way into fall fashion on this side of the Atlantic as well.

There are multiple ways to wear a beret. The traditional method is to wear it tilted at a 45-degree angle on the side of your head, but you can wear it without the tilt as well. Some women wear it pushed back on the head, allowing their bangs to hang underneath, or they pull the brim down just above their eyebrows.

Autumn is the season of fashionable hats, and we are here to deliver with all your fall favorites to top off your seasonal style.