Womens Panama Hats

When one thinks of Panama hats certain images come to mind; swaying palms, sprawling beaches, tropical locations and cool characters fluent in the enviable ease of true South American style. This image doesn't always translate well to women's fashion in every culture. However, womens Panama hats can be one of the most highly regarded accessories in any wardrobe. They make one of the most exciting statements in high fashion you could hope for.

Not only do they add a breezy, carefree attitude to your look, they bring a charming elegance few other hats can match. Its partly due to their stylish look, but mostly due to their storied history. You see the informed fashionista understands the story behind Panama hats. It is almost as unique as the hat itself.

It started out as a simple handcrafted item crafted with care by a number of artisans in a traditional way. But the item had qualities no other hat could replicate. They are supple, soft and fluid in style. Woven from tiny strands of toquilla straw as fine as hair they have a feel like no other hat. In fact, our womens Panamas are a pleasure to wear. And the look is truly amazing. The finer straw just makes a softer weave with spectacular texture you can not replicate, one that complements your look and your outfit.

Womens panama hats not only look amazing, they bring an authentic flair to your summer clothing, one that reflects the story of the hat itself and its native Ecuador culture. They are the original womens summer hats, and today they are about as enviable a fashion statement as you can find. They are breathable, lightweight but incredibly fashionable. You can't really find a hat to match them. Few of our straw womens fedoras can be a stand in for a night or two, but nothing will ever match them.

We have put together a selection of the best Panama hats for women all in one place. They are stylish, and ready for your summer outfits. We have 100% Panama straw hats for women and men by Tommy Bahama, Stetson and Scala. They feature the classic Panama shape with added accents like designer hat bands and added features like mesh for more breathability.

So, whatever you plan to do this summer, do it in style with one of our fashionable Women's Panama Hats. Or, shop a complete selection of womens hats and womens fedoras. You can find more womens straw hats made from other types of straws and paper braids.

What Makes it a Panama Hat?

Some hats are referred to as "Panama" because they have the distinctive shape that is normally associated with them. However, the real beauty is in the material they are woven from: fine toquilla straw. It comes in many grades, the finer ones being the softest and most luxurious. If a hat is not woven from toquilla palm then it is not a true Panama. We have women's Panama hats in both 100% authentic and suitably similar fibers. Based on your preferences, style and budget, there's one suitable for you!

Take a look and browse our complete selection of Panama Hats today. We also have mens panama hats.


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