How to Clean and Brush Your Hat

If you're wearing your hat, it's going to get a little dirty over time.

One of the easiest ways to take care of your hat is to get a hat cleaning brush.

If you notice, there's a little bend to the brush; you can keep that close to the crown. 

Start from the top of the hat, by brushing counterclockwise.

On the other side, you're going to go clockwise because you want to stay with that nap, and you're basically changing the orientation.

You just keep brushing.

We recommend a hat steamer, to clear all the loose debris and dirt on the hat.

If you don't have a hat steamer, a teapot works or just a large pot of water on the stovetop with the lid on it, just so you can direct the steam.

Steam activates the lacquer in the hat and brings it back to life.

And while you're doing this, you've got the steamer out and you've been wearing your hat.

And not only has it gotten dirty, but might have gotten a little "wonky, the side might be sitting up too high because you've left it resting against something.

Place a little steam on the side.

hat steamer

You want to place steam in the direction you want to move the hat.

Bring the side down a little bit, and put the steam on that side.

And then you can slowly bring that side back down, so that it's nice and symmetrical again.

If you want to apply steam to the other direction of the hat, bring the brim up a little bit, but steam to the other side.

You want water - bring that hat back to the life.

With a little bit of care and some cleaning, as long as you don't put a hole on it, your hat can last you a lifetime.

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