The Best Hat Styles for You To Wear This Spring

Spring has come upon us once again. That means the snow is melting, the sun is shining, and maybe we can finally wash our cars free of road salt.

But the weather isn’t the only thing shifting. Spring marks a new season in the fashion world, and that means putting away our heavy winter wear and bringing out some breezy spring looks. That goes for our headwear, too. If you’re looking for the best hat styles for you to wear this spring, we have you covered.

Panama Hats

The wide-brimmed fedora is the go-to hat for cold-weather fashion. But felt fabric, while perfect for winter, is a little too heavy for spring. If you love the look of the creased crown but are looking for something lighter, you can’t go wrong with a Panama hat.

Panama hats can come in shapes similar to that of fedoras or trilbies. However, they typically consist of a lightweight straw that’s perfect for warm weather. But even though they’re two different hats, you can still find our Panama hats tucked among our fedora hats for sale.


Back in the olden days, when people wore hats all the time, switching from your felt winter hat to a straw hat was an event that marked the beginning of the warm season. It was such a big deal that they referred to the day as Straw Hat Day. Wherever you went, you could see people wearing a stiff straw hat known as a boater.

We’re quite a few decades away from that time now. Even so, a sunny boater still calls to mind warmer, sunnier days, making it the perfect hat style to wear during this spring.

Bucket Hats

But spring isn’t just about sunshine. Spring is also the rainy season, so it pays to have a water-resistant hat on hand that can protect your head. And the best fashion cure for your April showers is the bucket hat.

Bucket hats lend themselves to various styles. They’re right at home for those who enjoy wearing streetwear fashions. However, they are just as fitting with a polo shirt for those wanting to head to the golf course.

There’s nothing like a new season to expand your fashion choices. For these spring hat styles and more, you should explore Fashionable Hats’ wide selection of high-quality headwear.