4 of the Best Golf Hat Styles and Choosing the Right One

Rolling green fields, blue skies, and the weight of a club in your hand—there’s nothing quite like a tee time at the local golf course. But hours under the sun can take a toll, increasing the likelihood of sunburn, which doesn’t do your gold game any favors.

That’s why, when you pull up images of the professionals, they’re almost always wearing hats during games. Here’s what you should know about the best golf hat styles and choosing the right one to shade your face while you’re making that swing.

Baseball Cap

Despite the association with America’s pastime, the baseball cap continues to be the go-to style for most golfers, and for a good reason. It’s functional, as its design keeps the sun off your face when you’re standing in the open without impacting your peripheral vision.

Sun Visors

Visors, like baseball caps, are a practical choice. The bill keeps the sun out of your eyes without trapping heat against your head like baseball caps. The one caveat of visors is that they don’t give the top of your head as much protection. So if you’re bald or have thin hair, you may be more prone to sunburn on your scalp.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are ideal for those roughing it in the wilderness hiking, fishing, or camping. In other words, they’re built for those who will be outside for long periods and need to keep the sun off their faces. For this reason, they’re another good candidate for golfing, especially for those who want to break away from a conventional athleisure look.

Flat Cap

Those who have watched the 2003 film The Greatest Game Ever Played likely have a clear image of the classic turn-of-the-century golf style—a collard shirt, a vest, a tie, and a flat cap. A designer flat cap will keep the sun off your face almost as well as a visor and is the perfect way to respect the time-honored traditions of the sport.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hat

There is no single answer for the best type of golf hat. Once you know the best golf hat styles, choosing the right one is simply a matter of preference. First, decide whether the hat offers you ample sun protection for your face and head. Then, decide on the type that fits your style.

If you aren’t sure which style is right for you, take the time to peruse our massive hat collection. You’ll be sure to find a style that’s a hole in one.