Different Brim and Crown Styles

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Crown Styles

Open Crown

The first and most basic crown is what we call an open crown hat.

This can be worn just as it came out of the box, as an open crown.

Open crown hats do not have any sort of creases or styling done to the exterior.


Center Dent

Center Dent - Stetson Panama Straw Fedora Hat - TSCDNTK

The next most common style, after an open crown, is what we call a center dent with a pinch.

And that's basically just a dent in the middle and a pinch.

This is a very common style that came about, just out of naturally people grabbing their hats and the pins showed up automatically.


Teardrop Crown

Barksdale - Bailey Teardrop Crown Wool Hat

Another common style is what we call a c dent or a teardrop crown.

This occurs if you take the center dent and you open it up, lower the crown, and there's a little bubble, so your head still fits in.

The advantage of a c dent is not only for its style, but it allows you to have a lower crown, while still having a place to put your head.

So if you don't want a really high crown, a teardrop crown would be a good option.


Telescoping Crown

Klaxon - Bailey Round Telescope Crown Wool Hat

The third crown style is what we call a telescoping crown.

It's used in some western hats, but most commonly in pork pie hats. 



Raw Edge

Brims will be covered next, and how they're finished.

A raw edge means that the felt has just been cut.

There's no finishing to it, other than a little sanding, and that's called a raw edge.

This is considered the most casual of the styles.

From that, we go to what we call an underwelt.

As you're going up, the line of more styles is where this raw edge brim would be folded down and then sewn, so you have a more of a finished edge to it.

If it's done the other way, it's called an overwhelt


Bound Edge

And next on the line would be called a bound edge, where we take a piece of material similar to what we use on the band here.

A bound edge has material placed over the bottom and is sewn up.

This gives the hat an even more finished look that's considered the top end in modern hats, as far as finishes go.


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