Keep It Clean: 5 Unique Ways To Store Your Hats

There’s an old proverb that goes, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Basically, it means if you have a designated “spot” to put all your belongings and return your belongings to that spot, your home will be clean.

There is plenty of wisdom in this idea, especially when it comes to hats. If you store your hats well, not only will your space feel neater, but you will avoid damaging all your best headwear. Looking for a place for your chapeau? Here are five unique ways to store your hats.

Hat Stands

A hat stand is a common fixture in a lot of people’s mudrooms and foyers, so it may not seem like a particularly unique place to store your hats.

But there are plenty of fun twists to put on the hat stand. You can choose a hat stand that doubles as an artistic statement piece, like a stand with prongs made of antlers. You can also use smaller, free-standing hat stands designed to rest on desktops. Or for an eclectic touch, you can display them using mannequin headpieces.

Wall Hooks

If you have the option to hammer things into your walls, then you can also mount wall hooks to display your hats like artwork. This option is especially useful for hats that can easily crease or become damaged, such as straw hats or fedoras.

If you like the idea of hanging your hats on the wall but can’t hammer nails, there are other options available. There are hooks you can hang on the wall using heavy-duty adhesive, or you can invest in a hat hanger that is a long pole, like a curtain rod, upon which you can hang your hats.


A set of wood cubbies, like the kind you would use to store shoes, is another alternative for those who want their hats on display. It keeps individual hats from getting crushed and allows you easy access to your entire collection, making this a great option for those with an extensive number of hats.


Not all hats are prone to be damaged in tight spaces. Baseball caps, cloth bucket hats, and other hats that can be rolled up often do better when stored inside drawers. A drawer helps keep your hat from becoming sun-bleached or exposed to damaging dust in the air. Just avoid crumpling it up or overstuffing the drawer.


When we think of “hanging up your clothes,” we usually think of it in terms of a jacket or button-down shirt. But there are ways to hang up your hats too. The simplest way is to hang shower rings on the bottom of your hanger. Then you can thread the backstrap of a baseball cap through them or use clothes pins to hang other types of hats on them.

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