My Hat is Too Loose/Too Tight - What to Do About It

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One topic that comes up frequently with our customers here at Fashionable Hats is “my hat’s fitting a little too tight" or "my hat’s fitting a little too loose - what can we do about it?”


My Hat is Too Tight

If your hat’s fitting a little too tight, we have what is known as a hat stretcher.

Befitted Hat Luxury Pro Stretcher & Maintainer


This device is meant to stretch out the hat that you already have, until it fits comfortably on your head.


It’s really simple and easy to use:

1. Turn the hat over.

2. Place the stretcher into the hat.

3. Turn the buckle, until it stretches the hat to your desired size.

4. Leave the stretcher in the hat overnight 


You can usually get maybe a quarter of a size out of a stretching.

Hats tend to shrink over time, especially if you're in a area where you have seasons and you've put your hats away for the summer.

If you need a stretcher that's more economically feasible, we recommend our Befitted Hat Stretcher & Maintainer.

Befitted Hat Stretcher & Maintainer





My Hat is Too Loose

What do I do if my hat’s a little too loose? 


That's easy to fix too:

1. Take the hat's sweatband and pull it up

2. Unpeel the sticky side of the strip and stick it to the sweatband, not to the hat itself.

3. Place one strip in the forehead, one strip at about 5:00, and the other one at about 7:00

4. After you place in the strips, turn the sweatband back down.


Make sure you try on the hat after to see how it feels, and adjust accordingly.

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