Tilley Hats - The Best Fishing Hats & Sun Hats for Men!

As warmer spring and summer days approach, it will soon be time for days spent in the great outdoors. From hiking to fishing, or even spending a night camping under the stars, the possibilities seem to become endless as the temperature begins to rise. The last thing anyone wants to worry about while enjoying such fun outdoor activities is the state of their hair or the uncomfortable feeling of the sun beating down on their face. It’s important to have the right hat for outdoor activities to provide sun protection and accentuated effortless style. The Tilley brand is perfect for outdoor adventurers as each hat offers protection from harmful UV rays and is also stylishly constructed!


UV Protection


Not only does Tilley hats produce some of the best sun hats, but they are also thoughtful enough to list each hat’s SPF rating. This is very useful when planning any outdoor activities as you can strategically plan your sun-protection strategy and precalculate the SPF rating of your hat as well as your choice of sunscreen. This makes Tilley hats perfect fishing hats and other activities that require prolonged exposure to the sun. We highly recommend the LTM6 Airflo as its wide brim will provide great shade for the face and eyes while the crown ventilation will promote a cool and dry experience.


Functional Fashion


While Tilley hats are certainly very practical, they do not skimp on style! Tilley makes some of the best and most stylish sun hats for men and women. A variety of crown constructions and brim shapes are available to ensure that there is a Tilley hat to suit any explorer’s needs! There is also a fine selection of neutral colors that will pair well with just about any rustic or outdoorsy ensemble to ensure that anyone will find a fishing hat or sun hat to love! We especially love the TH5 Hemp Hat as its unique coloration is delightfully distinctive. The rich mocha tone is uniquely eye-catching and the moderate brim is highly practical.


Buy a Tilley Hat!


The endless versatility of Tilley hats is perhaps what has made this brand so beloved throughout the years. These hats make excellent fishing hats and are also ideal for hiking and camping. Anyone looking for some of the best sun hats for men and women should look no further than Tilley! Here at Fashionable Hats, we have a selection of some of the best Tilley Hats for sale. Click here to shop these savvy styles!