Top 5 Dobbs Hats

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Dobbs Hats of New York has been a leader in making quality dress hats, since 1907.

We at Fashionable Hats love this brand, and we've narrowed down the top 5 Dobbs hats that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Jet 707

To start off our list of top Dobbs hats, we have the Jet 707 with a nice two-inch brim and options for multiple colors.

This hat has a classic sixties style with an underwelt and is made out of fur felt.


Jet 707 - Dobbs Fur Felt Fedora Hat



The next Dobbs hat on our list is the Delavan.

The Delavan is a wool hat with a teardrop crown and a classy bound finished edge.

Delavan B - Dobbs Wool Felt Fedora Hat

Cool Kid

The Cool Kid sports a larger brim and can be snapped down for a little extra shade.

This wool felt fedora hat is a favorite among our customers, especially with the contrasting bands.

Cool Kid - Dobbs Wool Felt Fedora Hat


Esquire B

The Esquire B, coming in a bone color, has a center dent and decorative band.


This is a great addition for your white parties in the spring.

Esquire B - Dobbs Wool Felt Fedora Hat



Last on our list is the Hashtag.

This classic hat has a 1 7/8 brim with a teardrop crown and contrasting bound edge, to give it that classy look.

Hashtag - Dobbs Wool Felt Fedora Hat



These are all wonderful, stylish hats from a company that's been making wonderful and stylish hats for over 100 years.

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