Tribute to Kenny Rogers & the Best Kenny Rogers Cowboy Hats
The recent passing of famed and critically acclaimed country music artist, Kenny Rogers, has inspired us to reflect on the musician’s extensive career and unique style. Rogers was best known for his work as a country music artist, though his dedication to his craft created a unique sound that resonated with fans of many different genres. Having dabbled in other styles of music himself, Kenny Rogers was a truly versatile artist with a passion for music. Today, we’d like to pay tribute to this iconic artist and his excellent taste in style and cowboy hats!

Fame & Accolades

Throughout his career, Kenny Rogers was the master behind many hit songs and was praised highly for his work. The late 1970's were a particularly prolific time for Rogers. In 1977 alone, he received a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for his song “Lucille” and also won three separate awards at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Rogers continued to earn accolades throughout his career and received another Grammy the following year for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for “The Gambler. Ultimately, Rogers was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in 2017, forever cementing his status as a legendary musician. 

Personal Style

Like many country music stars, Rogers kept his style simple and let his work speak for itself. One fun fact about Roger’s hits and style is that despite the name of his hit song, "The Gambler," Rogers was not known for wearing a gambler hat, but tended to favor cowboy hat styles. Kenny Rogers certainly did know how to rock some stylish suits at award show performances and was also spotted wearing some very cool cowboy hats on numerous occasions. When it came to hats, Rogers seemed to love a traditional western style. Roger was known for wide brims, high crowns, and neutral tones appearing to be mostly brown and black wool materials.

Cowboy Hats & Western Styles

In honor of Kenny Rogers, we’ve selected a few of our favorite cowboy hats and western hat styles for those looking to emulate the look of a real country music pop-culture icon!

The Shetland by Walrus Hats

The Shetland by Walrus Hats is a quintessential western hat with a flair for the dramatic. The wide 3 ½ inch brim replicates the timeless styles worn by country artists like Kenny Rogers and many others throughout the years. The twisted leather hatband adds a pop of contrast and turns this hat into a real western statement piece.

The Stetson Roxbury





The Stetson Roxbury is another striking style with distinctive country charm. The high crown descends into an ornate studded concho band with an elaborately designed pin at the front and center. This conversation starter is perfect for big personalities and those with whimsical and artistic spirits.

Farewell, Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers will be forever remembered for his brilliant lyrical and vocal talents. His contributions to country music will endure for generations of music lovers to come. While a quick overview can never do full justice to a career as a long ad as successful as Rogers’s, we felt obliged to pay our respect to this true legend. If you want to get the country music star look for yourself, Kenny Rogers is a great source of inspiration. Be sure to check out our selection of cowboy hats and western hats to create your own country chic look!


Cover photo: "Kenny Rogers" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer