3 Tips for Choosing the Right Shape Cowboy Hat

Few things capture the freewheeling, dream-chasing spirit of this country more than the American West. And few things capture the spirit of the West better than a cowboy hat.

But even though cowboy hats call to mind the wild and lawless world of the frontier, that doesn’t mean there are no rules to the world of Western wear. Because there are so many different styles and shapes of cowboy hats, it pays to have some guidance for choosing the perfect one for you. Our three tips for choosing the right shape cowboy hat will help you.

Know the Types of Cowboy Hat Shapes

One of the biggest determiners of a cowboy hat’s shape is the crease in the crown. These different styles evolved over time to help fit various purposes out in the West. Here are a few of the more common ones:

  • ●Cattleman crease: A single crease straight down the center of the crown with two dents on either side
  • ●Pinch front: A crow with an almost diamond-shaped pinch at the front, similar to a fedora
  • ●Gambler: An entirely flat crown top with a circular indent
  • ●Open Crown: A rounded look with no crease on the crown
  • ●Gus: A Tall brim with three creases at the front, causing a steep slope

From here, you can get more specific with your hat’s shape based on how tall you want your crown, as well as how wide or curved you want the brim.

Find a Hat by Your Face Shape

When we pick out an outfit, we tend to pick it based on our body shape. The same is true of hats. We typically use our facial profile to help us choose the right shape cowboy hat. While anyone has the potential to make any hat look good, here are our recommendations:

  • ●Oval- and round-shaped face: Medium to tall height crowns with a curved brim
  • ●Square-shaped face: A wide-brimmed open crease hat
  • ●Heart-shaped face: A pinch crease with a flatter brim
  • ●Long-shaped face: A Medium-sized crown with a cattlemen crease and a wide, curved brim

Find a Hat by Function

As mentioned, cowboy hat shapes evolved for specific reasons throughout history. For example, the Gus hat was for dancing, and its form made it easy for cowboys to tip their hats to the ladies. The hat shape you choose may change depending on whether you’re wearing your hat to go riding or dancing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • ●High crowns tend to trap hot air, meaning they’ll keep you warmer.
  • ●Low crowns don’t accumulate hot air.
  • ●Wide brims are ideal for keeping out wind and rain.
  • ●Larger crowns allow you to pull the hat further down on your head to prevent it from blowing away in the wind.

Cowboy hats are truly all-American. And if you’re still not sure if you want a cattleman’s crease or a gambler, peruse our Stetson hats for sale to find the perfect hat for your next rodeo.