Product Review: Aegean Greek Fisherman Hat

The Greek Fisherman hat is awesome! We love this hat! We even use exclamation points to describe how much we like this hat! We've seen this look take center stage as the fashion world struts their stuff on the runway donning these hats. The Aegean Greek Fisherman hat is taking the world by storm and we love it.

We even have a handful of these hats lying around the office and we try them on for fun. Then we forget we're even wearing them we love them so much. Last week I wore mine out to happy hour I was so comfortable in my fishy hat. It's a thing. I'm telling you.



There's a thing in the fashion world about recycling ideas and bringing new life to old styles. You wouldn't be caught dead in something your grandfather would wear - like a Mr. Rogers button-up sweater - but a generation from now those trendy kids will revitalize that sweater giving it new life.

That's what happening to the Greek Fisherman hat now. It was most popular in Greece in the early 1900s. It saw a resurgence thanks to those hippies in the 70s, and John Lennon of The Beatles loved to hobnob around in his fisherman cap. Now, some 40-odd years later, fashion designers yanked the all-star look straight out of retirement and is shoving it down our throats - kindly of course.

Last week I wore mine to happy hour.

Andy Peterson


There's a similar cousin to the Greek Fisherman hat, called the Fiddler Hat. This is a great look too, if not even more appealing than the fish. The Fiddler Hat got its fame from the Fiddler on the Roof Broadway play, as its main character gallivants around the stage in one. It's a great hat, because it looks similar to the Greek Fisherman, but lacks the nautical trimming.

These are my two favorite hats for the summer.

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Have you seen a Greek Fisherman hat around town? Where would you wear one?