The Best Hats To Wear for Formal Occasions

We tend to think of a hat as a statement piece nowadays. Because of that, they can have a connotation of being casual, something you wear when you’re experimenting with your style in your day-to-day life.

But just because something is a statement piece doesn’t mean it can’t have an air of sophistication. In fact, some hats make an excellent addition to your formalwear. These are the best hats to wear for formal occasions.


Fedoras were the dominant hat throughout the 20th century. Because of that, they have an old-fashioned, debonair charm to them that makes them well suited for formal occasions. Simply pair the fedora with a suit for a look that works all year round.

Hats with similar cuts to the fedora also make good formalwear hats. The Panama hat has a similar creased crown to the fedora but is made with a sloped brim and lightweight material like our Dobbs straw hats. This makes it the best hat to wear to formal occasions that take place outdoors. Meanwhile, the fedora’s shorter brimmed cousin, the trilby, is good year-round.

Flat Cap

Along the lines of vintage hat styles that have made their way to the modern-day, we have the flat cap. Even though this hat style was originally intended to be worn by the working class, it has taken on an air of prestige in the modern era, with people referring to them as “Ivy Caps” because of their association with Ivy League schools.

Typically, when wearing them for formal occasions, you would simply choose a neutral color that goes with the rest of your ensemble. However, choosing a hat with an elegant pattern such as plaid or herringbone will add a touch of refinement to your cap.


In most instances, straw hats have a more casual connotation, bringing up images of the hats you’d wear to the beach or to work in the garden. However, the one exception is the straw boater.

Like the fedora, this stiff brimmed, flat-topped hat has its roots in days gone by, specifically 1920s men’s fashion. Because of this, it gives the wearer a similar air to the carefree millionaires of the jazz age, especially when paired with a suit for an outdoor event.

Whether you’re attending a banquet or a garden party, a hat is the perfect addition to any formal ensemble. And Fashionable Hats has the perfect formal hats to help you rise to the occasion.