The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Fedora Hat
From Humphrey Bogart to Al Capone, the fedora has inevitably made its mark on our culture. It’s the perfect combination of style and class, making it an excellent statement piece.

    But even the most stylish hat can lose its luster when worn incorrectly. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the dos and don’ts of wearing a fedora hat to help you nail this vintage-inspired style.

    What Is a Fedora?

    Thanks to the internet culture of the early 2000s, people have become confused about the definition of a fedora hat. A fedora has an indented crown and a wide, flat brim. This is different from the trilby, which looks similar, except the brim is shorter and angles downward. People typically wear the fedora lower on the head than trilbies as well.

    Do Look at the Fit

    This is true of any hat, but it’s crucial to consider that your hat should fit your head comfortably. The best way to test this is to put the hat on. Then, place your finger in between your forehead and the band. If you have space for your finger, you will be able to wear it without having it hurt your head.

    Do Consider Variations

    The classic fedora look is a felt hat in a neutral color like grey, black, or beige. However, these days, it comes in other fabrics and colors. Before choosing one, be sure to look at your options. For example, you might consider:

    •Straw fedoras

    •Leather fedoras

    •Bold fedoras in colors like blue, green, red, or pink

    •Hats with added embellishments on their bands, such as feathers

    •Neutral fedoras with colorful bands

    You can also try wearing a fedora with a slightly shorter brim, depending on your style preferences.

    Don’t Wear the Wrong Fabric for the Season

    As mentioned, you can get fedoras in multiple types of fabric. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re always appropriate. For instance, straw is almost exclusively a warm-weather material, while felt and leather are more suitable in colder seasons.

    Don’t Overthink It

    Because many of us have Casablanca in mind when reaching for our favorite fedora, it’s easy to think that you have to embody a particular look when it comes to wearing one. Although vintage fashion and fedoras go together like peas and carrots, you don’t have to make your outfit look like Rick Blaine to wear a fedora well.

    A fedora looks good with most outfits, whether dressy or casual. Instead of worrying about creating a “fedora-worthy” ensemble, make your fedora work with your look by matching colors and patterns.

    Knowing the dos and don’ts of wearing a fedora shouldn’t box in your style. Instead, it should help you find new ways of exploring it. If you need a little extra help exploring your style, perusing our collection of classic fedora hats will help drum up inspiration.