Top 5 Stetson Straw Hats Under $100

Straw hats make excellent choices of headwear for outdoor activities, especially being part of the Stetson brand, known for high-quality outdoor hats.

We picked out five different straw hats, all of which are under $100 dollars and serve different purposes, between style and protection from the sun.



The Gambler is made from seagrass straw, which provides plenty of ventilation and keeps your head cool, while still keeping the sun off of you.

An elastic sweatband on the interior makes this a favorite for all-day wear.

Gambler - Stetson Seagrass Straw Gambler Hat



Los Alamos

Los Alamos is a shantung straw hat with an adventure down brim.

The bubble top crown has a pinch styling on top.

Los Alamos - Stetson Straw Outdoor Hat



We have the Adventurer, which is a classic Panama style hat.

The brand comes in two colors: butterscotch and natural, with a matching band.

This hat is great for a night out at a nice restaurant.

Adventurer - Stetson Shantung Straw Fedora Hat



Our next hat is called the Madrigal.

This is a classic pork pie with the madras band, made from coconut straw.

Madrigal - Stetson Coconut Straw Porkpie Hat




Our last hat is the Reward, a classic Fedora style straw hat.

The light-weight panama, straw gives it an easy feel and stylish look.

Reward - Stetson Genuine Panama Straw Fedora Hat



So here we have it: five hats serving many purposes, still not breaking your bank. 

Watch the Video Below: