Stetson Top 3 Outdoor Wool Hats

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One of our many favorite brands here at Fashionable Hats is Stetson.

If you're looking for the best outdoor adventure hats, Stetson has a wool line that provides comfort and style for anyone.

Here are our top three picks for Stetson outdoor wool hats.



We're going to start off the Cruiser. This wool hat has an underwelt and cloth sweatband.

The nice thing about these cloth sweatbands is they make the hats packable, so you can take this hat, give it a little squeeze, put it in your suitcase, put it in the in the side of your motorcycle or in front of you on an airplane.

Stetson Cruiser Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Hat





Another popular style of Stetson hats that we carry is the Cromwell.

This is a down brim hat, giving you an outdoor, adventure look to it.

The Cromwell is crushable, meaning its compact and you can take it with you travelling.

Simply pull the crown in on itself and lightly roll the hat into a cone.

And once again, you can place this in a suitcase or the little compartment in front of you on an airplane.

Cromwell - Stetson Crushable Wool Fedora Hat




The Bozeman has a seat crown, good size brim, cloth sweatband to absorb perspiration and is also a packable hat.

Bozeman (Earflaps) - Stetson Wool Felt Outdoor Hat


So when you're thinking of going outdoors or having an adventure, think of Stetson.

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