Fedora Hats give Character

What does it truly mean to be fashionable? Everyone has their own viewpoint and taste in defining their own perspective in having style. The fedora, as example, will make a visual transformation that can be seen by others and experienced by the hat owner. It's quite amazing how certain hats can bring out character that has been buried deep under any plain outfit. Like the tree topper during Christmas, a fashionable hat extenuates one's look by adding a spark of charisma and charm.

Meet Frank. Our customer knew he wanted something classy and distinguished. After trying on a few different hat styles, he started to narrow his focus down to the fedora. Next, he eagerly wanted a soft to the touch material that represented genuine quality. His quality was met with a fedora made from a prestige fur felt. The hat rested comfortably on his head, while the hat band inside wasn't a nuisance. At this point, Frank started to change. There was a growing grin, shining out of the darkness of the wardrobe despair.

It was at this point, Frank grabbed his Alpaca wolf cane and became fashionably complete. Frank asked,

"Who makes this hat? From the comfort, color, to the shape of the crown, It's simply perfect."

We gladly told him Stetson was the brand of the hat he was wearing and the hat even had a name, the Runabout. Frank could not have been more pleased with his purchase and from this point on, his body language and confidence shifted toward a positive light. He can walk down the street knowing his fashionable identity had been identified. Thanks Frank. You are looking sharp!