Top 5 Stetson Straw Hats Over $100

The Colonel

The Colonel has a telescope crown, flat brim with a pencil curl, and it's made out of shantung straw.

It’s a classic style with lots of shape and breathable shantung straw.

Colonel - Stetson Shantung Straw Gambler Hat


Modern is a genuine Panama down-brim style adventure hat.

The bodies of these hats are handwoven in Ecuador and then finished in our factories here in America.

Modern - Stetson Panama Hat Panama Hat


This hat is the Inwood, and this material is natural, woven hemp.

The bodies are made domestically in the Stetson factory, where they’re sewn together.

This is a more European style of straw hat.

It can stand up to the weather, better than the Panama hat.

Inwood - Stetson Hemp Fedora Hat


Santa Monica

The Santa Monica has a contrasting band with a large brim, and is also made from the breathable shantung straw.

Santa Monica - Stetson Natural Wide Brim Shantung Straw Fedora Hat


Grant T

And for you Western folks, we have the Grant T.

This hat has a nice cattlemen's crease, large brim and vents or eyelets on the side to give you extra ventilation.

This is a hat that you can wear out on the range, to the rodeo, or just going downtown.

Grant T - Stetson Shantung Straw Western Hat



So there we have it: five different styles, three different materials, straw hats.

We make you look well and feel well!

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