Amazon - H-MR208 - Scala 100% Raffia Straw Safari Hat


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The light beige fedora made from organic raffia includes a three-pleat printed band with the colors black, red, orange and yellow. It is eye-catching and has a two and a half inch brim and a CoolMax sweat band. Spring and summer are the best seasons for wearing it, whether you're a man or woman. Wear it to go out at night to the movies, dinner or your favorite cultural event and pair it up with a pair or light-colored pants. For women, it's fashionable to wear sandals in the same color or to use a straw style purse with it.

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Technical Specs

  • Material Raffia Straw
  • Style Outback
  • Brand Scala
  • Item Weight 0.7 lb

Amazon - H-MR208 - Scala 100% Raffia Straw Safari Hat