Candyland - Scala LS195 Tea Matte Toyo Fedora Hat

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If you're looking to spice up your festive outfit, then this Scala straw fedora will do the trick. With the low-profile brim, it can be called a trilby, and should be worn as such. Trilbies are celebration hats, and this Scala is no different. Made of a fun toyo straw, it's perfectly crinkly, reminding us of a dance party on the beach. Interwoven in the straw, is a colorful array of confetti stripes, making this the ultimate life of the party.

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Technical Specs

  • Front Brim Size 1.5"
  • Material Toyo Straw
  • Style Fedora
  • Brand Scala
  • Item Weight 0.16 lb

Candyland - Scala LS195 Tea Matte Toyo Fedora Hat