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The Downs Stetson Fur Felt Fedora is just what is needed to boost your evening attire to the debonair level! A Stetson brand fedora with a C-Shaped crown, featuring a 2.5" brim, made from a fur felt blend in black and a leather sweatband inside is all the hat you will need for a sleek classic look and feel. When you add the 1" satin band and the fun feather accent this is the only choice in headwear!

  • High Quality Fur Felt
  • Genuine Leather Sweatband for Comfortable Wear
  • C-Shaped Crown

The Fashionable Difference

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Technical Specs

  • Front Brim Size 2.25"
  • Side Brim Size 2.25"
  • Crown Size 3.875"
  • Material Firm Fur Felt
  • Style Fedora
  • Brand Stetson
  • Item Weight 0.28 lb

Downs - Stetson Fur Felt Fedora Hat - TFDWNS