Oak Boxtop Hat - Natural Hand Woven Guatemalan Palm Hat


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This Oak Boxtop Hat is truly unmatched in its unique construction and show-stopping style. The wide 4” brim is playfully upturned on the right and left sides to create an adventurous and carefree look. The lofty crown is 4.5” tall and features a unique rectangular box top construction that gives this look its one-of-a-kind edge. This Guatemalan standard palm hat comes in an exquisite oak shade complemented by a sleek removable black hatband. This Oak Box Top Hat is a real conversation starter and is sure to attract a crowd at any gathering.

Mixing and matching options for the Oak Boxtop Hat are truly limitless! The interesting geometric shape of the crown allows this item to take any casual look to the next level. Pair with a simple ensemble like a button-up and blue jeans to let this bold summer hat steal the spotlight or opt for an elaborately patterned outfit for a confident and self-assured look. Whether you need the perfect hat for a day at the beach or a seaside soiree, the Oak Boxtop Hat will suit any bold fashionista's needs, morning, noon, or night. Give your summer wardrobe an instant upgrade with this unique stylish straw hat today!

This item features a removable hatband. See our accessories page to view unique interchangeable hat bands.

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Technical Specs

  • Material Guatemalan Palm
  • Item Weight 1.0 lb

Oak Boxtop Hat - Natural Hand Woven Guatemalan Palm Hat