Rouser - Dobbs Fedora Hat


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Take your look back to the era of Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart but with a modern feel with our Dobbs Rouser firm felt Fedora. The cool navy color will give you a unique look while still adding to the retro style that is trending today. The hat is made of firm felt with a cotton sweatband that will keep you cool even on the hottest days. The hat is perfect for both men and women. Paired with a loose, flowing skirt, boots and a jean jacket, get the Annie Hall look that brings back thoughts of carefree lifestyles. Men can pair the fedora with a suit and tie for an upscale look. They can also pair it with jeans and a thick sweater for a weekend in the country.

  • Cotton Sweatband
  • Firm Felt
  • Bound Edge

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Technical Specs

  • Front Brim Size 2.75"
  • Side Brim Size 2.75"
  • Crown Size 4"
  • Material Firm Fur Felt
  • Style Fedora
  • Brand Dobbs
  • Item Weight 0.4 lb

Rouser - Dobbs Fedora Hat