Seville - Walrus Hats Wool Fedora Hat


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The Walrus Seville is a unique hat that brings a look of mystery to anyone who wears it. Characterized by a wide, flat brim that is very stiff as well as a flat crown that is squared, the Seville is reminiscent of the Spanish farmers who made it popular. The hat has a leather hatband in a contrasting color that is secured with the trademark Walrus logo. Women can pair the hat with a leggings, a loose sweater and a poncho for a classically Spanish look while men can use the hat with jeans, a cable-knit sweater and boots. The uniqueness of this hat style is one of the reasons so many people have added it to their accessory collection. It is unusual, fun and attention-grabbing. The Walrus Seville has a fun leather band held on by the Walrus logo pin to give it a jaunty, fun look.

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Technical Specs

  • Front Brim Size 2.375"
  • Side Brim Size 2.375"
  • Crown Size 4"
  • Material Wool Felt
  • Style Fedora
  • Brand Walrus Hats
  • Item Weight 0.5 lb

Seville - Walrus Hats Wool Fedora Hat