Single Hat Cleaning Sponge

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No matter where you live or where you go, your felt hats pick up lint and dirt. They also develop nap, little balls of thread or felt that make your hat appear worn over time. This single hat cleaning sponge is designed for use on your quality felt hats, to keep them looking new season after season. The sponge can be used with hat cleaning products for best results and removes loose lint, dirt and nap.

No hat wardrobe is complete without at least one of these sponges. Made by Bickmore, the sponge quickly and effectively removes what storms, environmental conditions, handling and time on the shelf add to your felt hats.

  • Hat cleaning sponge
  • For use on felt hats
  • Removes loose lint, dirt, and nap
  • Can be used with hat cleaning products

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Technical Specs

  • Style Accessory
  • Brand Bickmore
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Single Hat Cleaning Sponge