Ultra X Dark Felt Hat Cleaner Spray

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Bickmore offers yet another excellent hat cleaner in its Ultra-X Dark hat cleaner spray. This product is 5.5 ounces and comes in an aerosol can. It is specifically made to clean hats that are dark in color and that are made with felt or wool material. It is an all-purpose cleaner that can eliminate stubborn grease and water-based stains.

The cleaner itself is made up of a powder and is easy to use. Simply spray it on your felt or wool-based hat and thoroughly clean it or use a cleaning cloth to spot clean. Keep your dark-colored hats looking beautiful and fresh with this cleaner for years to come.

  • Specially Formulated to clean Dark Color fur-felt and wool-blend Hats
  • Powder Based Formula to Remove Most Water and Grease Based Stains
  • Available in 5.5oz/156g

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Ultra X Dark Felt Hat Cleaner Spray