How and Where to Buy a Fedora Hat

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Maybe its time for a serious style upgrade, or you just want something to make an ordinary get up look amazing-either way, you know it's time to buy a fedora hat! But where to buy a fedora these days?

It's true, those days when you could walk to a haberdashery and browse racks filled with designer hats-or better yet, drop into a local Millinery (a store that makes and sells hats) and pick out a premium, handcrafted fedora, are long gone. But you can still buy top-quality, designer fedora hats made from the very best materials and crafted in the traditional style. You just need to know where to shop for a fedora.

Where to Buy a Fedora Hat Today

If you want to buy fedora hats today, forget walking to town. In fact, you don't need to walk anywhere-just point and click and shop at an online hat store. These stores have a wide variety of fedora hats to buy from the world's best hat makers. Most offer excellent return policies to make shopping for hats worry-free and a guaranteed success.

Tipping his Fedora
Buy the right type of fedora to enhance your style.

Don't buy a fedora at your local Macy's or Nordstrom department store. There's also no need to buy one from a big-box retailer (you know who we mean) online or at their store-just to save a few bucks. These hats are made overseas with cheap materials and corners are cut in manufacturing (glued where they should be stitched) to save on costs. They are made cheap, won't last long and they look cheap-and whole the point of wearing a fedora is to look better, not like you are trying to stretch a buck.

You may think you are saving money, but you can find nice fedora hats made from better quality materials in the traditional manner online for little more than you will pay for the cheap-looking knock-off.

A fedora is supposed to improve your style-and higher quality items do just that. Spending a little more on better quality clothes and accessories is worth it, and its really the smarter move because in the end your style is enhanced.

Start shopping for a fedora here.

How to Buy a Fedora Hat Online

While the nostalgia of shopping in town for your new fedora has faded away, the internet revolution has given rise to a better fedora hat buying experience. There's so much variety available today. Online hat retailers have access to more brands so you can shop designer hats from all over the world from your sofa.

These stores offer simply more choices when buying a fedora. With all the variety, your more apt to find that fedora that perfectly suits and enhances your taste and style!

So, you can immediately start shopping for a fedora by simply browsing their selection-if you know what to look for. Filter them out by style, color, material and specific type.

If you have never bought a fedora before pay attention. You need to know where to start looking.

Here's how to shop for and buy a fedora online:

  1. Find your hat size. Before you start shopping, it helps to know your hat size. It takes just a few seconds to measure your hat size, use this handy hat size chart to find your size now.
  2. Decide on a style of fedora. Is it casual or fancy and upscale? There are fedoras made for every occasion from casual nights out to black-tie events. Start thinking about where you will wear yours. Fancy fedoras are made of fur felt and have a classic look. Casual fedoras come in straw or even leather and are more laid back.
  3. Choose the type or shape of fedora. Starting with the dent or bash (the crease down the center or the crown) there's a variety to choose from like center dent (creased right down the middle), gutter dent and others. They also come with different types of side dents (ie. a pinched front, or open crown), and brim sizes (short, medium and wide). Consider your face shape. Certain types of hats look good on different face shapes. For instance, a square face looks best in a center dent fedora. Heart-shaped faces look best in medium brim fedoras with pinched fronts. See our hat guide for more details.
  4. Decide on a color and accents. Think about which outfits you'll wear the hat with. Remember, a black fedora can go with just about any outfit color. If you are accenting a specific set of clothes, think about how your fedora color enhances or highlights the colors in the outfit.

Once you have finished these steps you are ready to buy a fedora! Start shopping for fedoras here.

How to Know What Type of Fedora to Buy

Of course, the above is fine as long as you already have an idea of what type of fedora to buy. If you don't know anything about fedoras or what kind of fedora to buy, it is easy to learn.

Fedora hat and Suit
Dark fedoras complement dark suits, as well as blue and other lighter colors.

First, think about where and when you'll wear the fedora. Is it for casual wear? If so, a straw fedora is a good option. If it is for a vacation in warm and tropical locations a Panama hat is a great option.

If you are wearing the fedora with designer clothes, a suit or upscale outfit, the wool fedora is the best option. There are many styles and variations to choose from. First, consider the material. Fur felt fedoras are for black tie events, as they are fancier then wool felt fedoras.

Next, consider the style. Fedoras come with a variety of center dents or creases in the crown, side dents, and either short, medium or wide brims, with accents or no accents. You can opt for a trilby, which has a real short brim and lower crown, for a more urban look, or a pork pie hat, which is more distinguished and alternative in style.

Finally, choose your color. Color is really an extension of your own taste. Consider what colors you normally wear. Are you an earth tones man? If so, a brown or tan fedora fits the bill. Do you prefer muted grays and charcoal? A black fedora is for you. If you like bright colors, red, blue, green or any colorful fedora is a better option. Most of all, choose one that you like and matches most of your clothes because you'll get more use out of it.

If you are just beginning, take a moment to look at this hat guide for beginners. It is full of handy information on buying fedoras for first-time hat owners.

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