Top 5 Father's Day Hat Gift Ideas for 2019

, by Alex Torres, 4 min reading time

These Cool, Unique Hats Make the Best Father's Day Gifts

Your Dad is truly unique, and this Father's Day get him a gift he'll really love. Just because he really deserves something special. After all, he's always been there for you through thick and thin, to offer advice or to simply lend an ear to listen.

Why get him another tie or a book? Get Dad a Father's day gift he'll really love- brand new designer fedora, bowler or trilby hat.

Father's Day Gift #1 - The Retro Panama Hat by Stetson

Panama Hats are known for their suave style, shiny texture and for staying cool even in extreme heat (just like Dad). This Retro Panama brings back the style popular in the 60s and 70s. It's a taller crown with pinched front and a black hatband.

A classic, timeless gift idea for Dad he'll absolutely love and be amazingly shocked by. Imagine Dad relaxing on his hammock sipping iced tea with this classy hat. It'll up his style game for sure.

Retro Straw hat
This Retro Panama hat is the perfect gift for Father's day to keep him cool and looking great.

Father's Day Gift #2 - Mohican Santana Toyo Straw Trilby Hat

This unique, stylish trilby hat is the perfect gift for Dad if he loves music and is inspired by Santana or other incredible guitar players. It's also perfect for the Dad who enjoys the beach or hanging by the pool - and any father that wants to look absolutely amazing.

Perfect for summer weather, the open-weave design allows ample breath-ability and the decorative hatband features a guitar accent. What a great father's day gift idea for dads that play guitar or love music. He'll certainly love and appreciate this gift more than a tired old tie. Check it out here.


Father's Day Gift #3 - Kangol 507 or 504 Flat Cap

If your dad is on the cutting edge of style and wants to keep his look fresh, look no further than the Kangol 507 or 504 flat cap. Fresh style meets class in this urban cultural legend. Kangol hats are worn by elite hip hop stars and actors like Samuel L. Jackson. They give off a vibe of cool, self-assured style. A great gift for a cool dad that's on top of current trends and appreciates modern culture- or a dad that could stand to freshen up his style a bit.

Kangol Hat
Kangol hats make great father's day gifts.

Father's Day Gift #4 - Crater Leather Outback hat by Stetson

What Dad doesn't like the cool, rugged look and not to mention, the dependable durability of a leather outback hat? This one called the Crater and made by the iconic brand Stetson is one of our best outback hats for Dad this father's day. It's genuinely rugged and tough with a quiet but classy and understated style- just like your father. We also have a range of other cool outback hats for dad. Just take a look.

Leather Hat
Give dad this great father's day gift, a leather outback hat.

Father's Day Gift #5 Our Indiana Jones Fedora Hat

We have a classic, Indiana Jones replica hat just like the one worn in the movies. If your father loves this movie, he'll flip for this truly authentic and unique father's day gift idea ideal for movie buffs. Made of brown wool felt, it's a stylish hat he can wear just about anywhere, or just keep as a collectible. He'll really appreciate the thought and uniqueness of this gift! Order yours today while they are in stock.

Indiana Jones Hat
The Indiana Jones Hat replica makes an excellent father's day gift for movie buffs.

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