Newsboy Cap Styles & How to Wear One the Right Way

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Wearing a Newsboy Hat (or Newsie) the Right Way

The newsboy cap (also called the newsie or paperboy hat) is a type of flat cap that has notable differences from the driving cap or ivy cap. It has a larger, fuller crown made from 8-panels of fabric sewn together, instead of three solid panels stitched together on the sides. The crown is much floppier and folds over on the sides and in the front. It often has an accent button on top.

The newsie cap is sometimes worn improperly by men today, but it does have a distinct style. It looks better than a baseball cap, and younger and not as tired as a traditional flat cap that grandpa probably wears. So, it can make you look immediately more hip and intelligent it is worn correctly.

Learn how to wear a newsboy hat properly and you'll upgrade your style from ordinary to outstanding.

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How a Newsboy Cap Should Fit

Man in a blue newsboy

First of all, don't get one that is too big for your head. Newsboy hats already have ample crowns. If you buy one even a half size larger it will look too floppy. If you don't know your size already, take a minute to find your hat size using our sizing chart.

When worn correctly, a newsie cap fits with the sides draped down to your ears on each side of your head and the brim fairly low on your forehead, shading your eyes. It should not be worn tilted up or back on your head. You can wear them with a slight tilt to the side if it looks good.

When to Wear the Newsie Cap

Man in a 8 Panel Newsboy Cap.

Wear a newsboy cap during the Fall months when the weather is mild and cooler. It's not a warm-weather hat, and it's not a cold-weather hat. You can get away with wearing one in the winter if it is not extremely cold but like a flat cap, it's a little out of its element in bitter cold weather.

Where can you wear it? It's best to wear one to casual events and while doing your everyday shopping or other things. It's perfect when traveling, walking in the park, dinner with a friend, or shopping. It complements the clothing you normally wear while doing any of these things.

What to Wear it With

The gray or black newsboy cap can be worn with upscale suits to give your look authentic character.

Wear the newsboy with your casual clothes. They go best with a stylish jacket and designer jeans or dress pants. They will complement a casual suit. Just remember the hat will give your look a more historical aspect, just don't over-do this angle. If you wear one with a tweed jacket or any suit coat that already looks like it is from the last century, you can end up looking like a page boy-and that's not a good look. Pair the newsboy hat with your modern clothing to give it a real authentic and dynamic feel.

Best Types of Newsboy Hats to Wear

Newsboy caps come in several styles including solid colors like black or navy-sure to match most outfits.

There are many different types of newsboy hats to wear. Start with the classic linen and cotton blend 8-panel newsie in a dark color like navy or black. This will match most everything and its casual enough to wear every day.

This wool newsie, the shelby hat, is another option that's slightly more upscale and perfect when you want to look just a bit more fashionable. You'll find wool and cotton in a choice of fabrics like herringbone, plaid or tweed.

Leather and corduroy options can also look incredible when worn correctly. We suggest the soft lamb leather newsboy as a stylish alternative that has a truly unique look and feels great to wear.

Shop our newsboy hats and find one for your wardrobe!

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