What is a Dad Hat? This Hot Style is Not Your Dad's Fedora!

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What is a Dad Hat? This Hot Style is Not Your Dad's Fedora!

The best thing about the world of fashion is that it is always changing as new styles fluctuate in and out of favor. Sometimes, niche fashions rise to prominence and become modern wardrobe staples. This is certainly the case in the phenomenon surrounding “dad fashion.” Mainstream culture has begun to re-purpose fashions that have typically been associated with dear old dad and turned them into a sort of trend. Dad jokes have become their own genre of comedy and the “dad bod” is a distinct body type that everyone can recognize. Among these trends, dad's style is also hot on the pop culture scene with dad memes on the rise online. While the exact definition of a dad hat may be unclear to some, we’re here to go over the basics of what constitutes a dad hat as well as discuss the overall aesthetic of this hot trend.


What is a Dad Hat?

It’s likely that many readers who haven’t heard of this trend at this point may be wondering, “what is a dad hat?” Simply put, dad hats are baseball caps. Many people can probably remember their father's sporting weathered baseball hats with worn and frayed brims and possibly the odd stain or two spread across the cap’s crown. Today, baseball caps are a stylish trend and are available in far more than the basic canvas or linen materials of days past. Baseball caps are now made from stylish materials like genuine wool and even lightweight, breathable straw! A straw dad hat is a perfect solution for effortless summer style for men and pairs excellently with a classic Hawaiian dad ensemble.


Dad Style

Why has dad’s wardrobe gone worldwide? We can hazard a guess. In 2020, the fashion scene is bolder and more diverse than ever. There is a niche for every unique style and a market hungry for all sorts of fashions ranging from obscure to mainstream. The dad style has a sort of rugged and masculine edge that appeals to real fathers as well as younger men without children. The dad look typically consists of baseball hats, graphic tees, cargo shorts or jeans, and comfortable walking shoes. The effortless masculinity exuded by this aesthetic has a certain appeal that has marked it as an enduring up-and-coming trend.


Who Can Rock the Dad Look?

Those wondering if the dad look might be for them should note that this versatile style can truly work for anyone. Dad culture has certainly extended beyond the world of actual fathers. Just like anyone can laugh at a cheesy dad joke, anybody can rock the right dad hat! This easy and versatile style isn’t restricted to just men, either. Baseball hats can take a feminine sporty look to the next level! Anyone looking to showcase a prominent and powerful look might want to try a dad hat on their next casual day out.


Dad Hats for All!

With the hot summer months approaching, it’s no doubt that the comfortable dad style is bound to be a favorite this season. These modern baseball caps are sure to impress with their exquisite materials and impeccable construction as well as their instantly fashionable aesthetic and versatility. If you’re new to dad culture, you simply must immerse yourself in the world of dad jokes and style to see what all the fun and fuss is about. Get the cool dad look today when you buy a fashionable dad hat!

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