Casual Hats

Casual Hats for Men and Women

Most notably, the fedora hat can be seen as a casual dress hat or even just an everyday, this is my personality-type of hat. Today, this style of hat is more common with men compared to women. Although, we find that most women prefer a wide brim fedora vs. a stingy or short brim. The most common type of material consist of toyo or just about any type of tweed straw. The attraction stems from the low price point and allowing for head to breathe while in a warm location. This is typical for summer and spring. On the other side, dark colors are often sought for the fall and winter seasons.

Maybe the fedora style is little too different for your definition of what is casual. Bucket hats for women and men offer their own distinct personalities. The over concept of the shape is close to the same, but the differences that separate this hat style can be seen in the colors and decorations that can be found on the hat. Traveling just about anywhere when you leave the house makes this hat ideal. Most bucket hats are crushable allowing for easy storage in your purse or putting them into your cargo pants.

Next, let's not forget about our southerners and folks out west. Western, cowboy and outback hats can also be considered casual based on your lifestyle. If you are the adventurous type, enjoying going to country concerts, spending some time outdoors, or even hitting that local tavern, these hats are welcomed in the series of being known as laid back.

Moving along, one of the most popular style of hats seen in pubs, pool halls and even artistic events, includes flat caps of newsboys and ivy caps. These hats are similar in design with some minor differences. Newsboy hats will have a button at the center top of the hat and will have seams running down to all sides of the hat, while a ivy cap will be a full piece not having these characteristics. The material for these hats are often polyester, cotton, wool and other cloths to give it a comfortable feeling when worn.

What's your Lifestyle?

As discussed earlier, not everyone has the same idea for what is considered to be casual. If you are into the beach setting, sun hats and wide brim hats are relative inexpensive and again, made from a wide variety of straws, also known as paper braid. There are even hats that offer UPF sun protection to aid in the protection of getting that all so painful sun burn. Keep in mind, it is always a good idea to keep sun tan lotion available to you and monitor your time out by the water.

Speaking of water, if you love boating, sun hats, captain hats, Greek fisherman hats are also a valid choice. Thinking about spending some time by the pool side? Bretton hats are rising in popularity. Have a drink and hang out with your friends, while enjoying the cool breeze bristling in your face and calming sounds of palm trees swaying in the wind.

Finally, take a moment and envision what you consider to be casual and even a friend. The more time you wear your hat in any setting the more casual it becomes to your lifestyle. For some, it's just sitting on the porch and sipping on a mojito. For others, it's simply taking a stroll at your local Park or zoo. Remember, it is all relative. Our ultimate dream is for you to find the best hat that extenuates your lifestyle!


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