Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

Is there any hat that exudes as much macho charm as a cowboy hat? Inextricably associated with real cowboys, men who rustle cattle while on horseback, cowboy hats for men have a rugged edge, a definitively masculine aura, making them the most identifiable element of Western apparel today. Yet what sets men's cowboy hats apart from one another is each man's own personal style: the tilt of the hat, the bend of the brim, the crease in the crown. All of this puts a man's own imprimatur on his hat.

Original Cowboy

The first cowboy hat was the creation of John B. Stetson. Having worked as both a prospector and a cowboy, Stetson had gained a clear understanding of the need for a specialized hat, one well able to withstand the elements. The result was the "Boss of the Plains, Stetson's design made of fine fur from beaver, rabbit and other small animals. The precursor to contemporary cowboy hats, the hat not only became the prototype for cowboy hats manufactured by Stetson but also became synonymous with his name.

More than Function

A wide brim, a high crown and an inimitable amount of swagger define the cowboy hat. While the original purpose was that of protection, providing a shield from the sun's intensity as well as from wind, rain and cold, now cowboy hats are an indelible part of a man's persona, distinguishing the wearer as a man who values the all-American qualities of liberty and independence that the hat has come to symbolize. In short, a man who wears a cowboy hat is his own man. He charts his own course, never following the crowd in fashion or anything else. His hat underscores his individuality.

For Every Occasion

Take our Shetland-Walrus Hats wool felt cowboy hat, for instance. Chosen by the man for whom a hat is as intrinsic to his attire as a shirt or pants, this hat is a great companion to virtually anything a man wears, from chaps and boots to a tailored business suit and topcoat. Designed of 100 percent Australian wool, the Shetland features the distinctive c-crown along with a 3 ½ inch brim. A leather hat band encircles the crown, interspersed with studs and the hallmark Walrus Hats pin while a cotton grosgrain sweatband completes the design. Its upturned sides are at once a nod to tradition and a dash of contemporary flair that this man appreciates.

Leather Never Looked so Good

Meanwhile, the self-assured man who knows quality yet eschews anything flashy wants nothing less than a hat made of the finest leather. That's where our Roxbury Stetson Leather Western hat comes in. Shaped in the time-honored style of the traditional hat worn by cowboys, this hat's leather construction makes its brim adaptable to whatever shape the wearer chooses to bend it. Perhaps a tilt to the side for debonair appeal is the desired style. Or maybe you prefer to pull it down low in the front, adding an air of mystery to your cowboy hat style. The concho band offers an extra touch of originality, revealing a bit of the man's personality without bearing his soul.

Uniquely Original

Then there's the man who enjoys the finer things in life, including making a fine fashion statement. For this man, our Diamond Jim-Stetson felt fur Western hat is the one. Among the most elegant of black cowboy hats, the Diamond Jim is designed of genuine rabbit fur felt, imbuing this hat with a soft and luxurious texture. Adding to its manly allure is the 3 ¼ inch brim and high teardrop crown with pinched front. The narrow band of embellished leather that adorns the crown highlights the exquisite design of this hat. This is unlike any other felt cowboy hat. Of course, the wearer is unlike any other man.

Speaks for Itself

Sometimes a hat is more than a mere covering for the head. Cowboy hats for men reflect the wearer, epitomizing who he is and what he values. For the men who wear them, their hats say it all.


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