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Hats are so much more than mere head coverings. Serving as shade from the sun, they offer a cool shield from the intensity of summer's heat and warmth in wintry climes. Of course, as an accompaniment to any clothing, whether athletic wear or breezy summer attire, a hat is the de rigueur accessory for those who participate in outdoor sports as well as for those who simply enjoy strolling about town.

Striking Spring Styles

When the fresh, green atmosphere of spring beckons everyone outdoors, numerous pursuits from gardening to sports are enhanced by hats. Providing the perfect level of protection and a light layer of warmth on a chillier day, a khaki twill newsboy cap is an ideal golf hat for men.

Likewise, shading the face while keeping the head cool, our Capelli white paper braid sparkle visor hat is great for women who enjoy springtime gardening. Either of these hats creates style with casual flair when paired with springtime fashions.

Summer Shade

In the heat of summer, in addition to looking good, remaining cool and collected is paramount. For that reason, straw hats or hats designed from cotton are the preferred choices for both men and women. For example, it doesn't require a safari for anyone to don a Scala fine crocheted raffia safari hat. Offering cool shade as well as cool looks, it's a terrific partner for the man or woman who pairs it with a city suit or partners it with casual wear while sightseeing on vacation.

Similarly, a natural twisted seagrass straw ivy cap takes a man from the golf course to the city streets just as the wide brim of our natural rough braid raffia lifeguard hat offers cool comfort as it accompanies a woman from the beach to a lovely luncheon and anywhere in between.

Autumn Chic

In the delightful chill of autumn, hats provide a light layer of warmth along with a splash of pizzazz for fall fashions. Whether it is a khaki cotton hat for men, with its natural fibers providing warmth on chillier days and coolness when it's warmer, or the Tea fedora hat, a diminutive version of a fedora in a wonderful autumn shade that is a striking look worn by a woman, partnering it with either a tailored outfit or a softly feminine style.

Winter Elegance

When the cold and blustery weather of winter sets in, a wool hat is the one to have. Yet it's needless to forego elegance just to achieve warmth. A wool blend ivy cap with a quilted lining, paired with a leather jacket or a wool overcoat is an arresting look for men and a dazzlingly provocative look when worn by a woman who combines it with pants and an ultra-feminine blouse.

In every season and for every occasion, there's a Dorfman Pacific Hat to accompany it.


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