Felt Fedora Hats

The felt fedora is unquestionably one of the most popular hats ever made. It's striking in its appearance due to the soft texturing of felt, and it matches nearly any outfit. It can also come in many varieties, some elegantly soft, others firmer and more dignified to match your mood and outfit.

For those looking for a formal, or casual hat to really set yourself apart, look no farther than our felt fedoras. We feature some of the most popular and sought-after felt fedora hats in all styles from short brim to wide brim, pointed crown and round. We even have the popular and iconic Indiana Jones felt fedora.

Our formal and dressy fedoras include the Compass and Imperial by Walrus, and the Frederick by Stetson. We also have casual felt fedoras by Stetson like the Cruiser and Stratoliner. Plus, we offer a range of styles from the top brands and milliners around the globe.

If you are looking for a stylish and unique hat with history, you have found the right place. We are proud of our collection and if you can't find what you want just give us a call. We can help you locate the perfect hat for your new style.

Why is Felt Used to Make Fedora Hats?

Learn more about how felt is made and its history. Felt is supple and easily shaped into any form but it is also protective and strong. It was originally used as armor and shaped into any form almost like a fabric version of clay. Unlike a woven fabric, felt has no grain which gives it a truly exceptional appearance. A typical fabric would also require lots of shellac or coating in order to maintain shape. Felt simply holds its shape longer because it is stiffer and more rigid.

How is Felt Made?

All of these felt qualities are a direct result of the process by which felt is made. It is not woven like normal fabrics. Felt is made by matting sheets of furs like wool, rabbit, beaver, and softer varieties like chinchilla. During the process of felt making heat and moisture are applied along with alkaline to speed up the stiffening of the furs. This matting process results in a highly malleable fabric that can shaped anyway you like.

There's no doubt felt is one of the most naturally beautiful fabrics around. With no true grain it has a nearly indefinable and smooth surface appearance and that makes it more attractive. It can also be coated and sanded to create an even softer surface. That's why felt is used in nearly all types of hats"”the most popular being the felt fedora.


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