Tommy Bahama Hats

Summertime is fun time, and the hats of summer underscore that joie de vivre. With pastel colors, crocheted crowns, tassels and myriad types of straw, the frivolity of straw hats highlight the good times and relaxation that define summer more than any other type of hat. It's that variety that lends a playful air to summer hats regardless of whether they offer the casual elegance of men's hats or the whimsy of women's hats.

Of course, Tommy Bahama Hats include all this and more. From hats that are equally suitable for men and women to those that cater to the wearer's mood, there's a summer hat to go anywhere and to accompany anything one might wear.

Adventurous Hats

Hiking, rock climbing, safaris, camel caravans, there's no better time for an adventure than summertime. For those who thrive on the rush of adrenaline that comes with adventure, being properly and comfortably dressed for the expedition means being able to focus on the experience. That's where a summer hat can help. Providing sun protection along with cool, comfortable and consummate stylishness, a khaki cotton safari hat or combination of cotton and leather, for example, would make any summer adventure more enjoyable.

Outdoor Fun Hats

Sporting events, from spectator sports to those in which participation provides the pleasure, are just part of summer. Either way, a hat makes the sport more entertaining, providing respite from the sun as well as good looks. Take a natural toyo straw fedora hat or a raffia straw fedora with tassels, for instance. Classic but casual designs, these straw hats are quintessential summer wear with ventilated crowns for coolness. They offer great style for either men or women.

Summer Living Hats

Garden parties, tea parties and garden weddings are delightful aspects of summer living. Gala occasions, they call for dressy attire that is complemented by stellar summer hats. Crochet raffia bucket hats in whimsical shades such as turquoise or coral are lovely accompaniments to flowing summer dresses for women while an ivory toyo straw fedora or a smoke Buri trilby hat is an accent that adds panache to a man's summer suit.

From great adventures to engaging events, a summer hat is the fun accessory of choice for men and women.


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