10 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas with Hats

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When planning your Halloween costume, a character with a hat is a perfect choice. If you don't want to incorporate your hair into the costume, you can easily cover it with a hat. If you wear a wig, a hat can help hold it on your head. Plus, at the very least, choosing to wear a hat for Halloween adds an extra element to your costume - even if it doesn't happen to be the focal point. Here are the top 10 Halloween costumes with hats ideas that can help you find your dress-up inspiration this year.

Dustin Henderson from the Netflix series Stranger Things

Dustin, with his trucker hat and 80's logo tee, is all the rage when it comes to Halloween costumes with hats picks. To channel him, get a trucker hat with a white front and a red bill, curly brown wig, navy or denim jacket with red plaid lining and a baby blue backpack.

Chief Jim Hopper from the Netflix series Stranger Things

For those who fantasize about being head of a police department, Chief Jim Hopper's costume is a winner. Put on a tan button-down shirt and khaki pants for starters, and top it off with a brown fedora costume hat. Add police-style accessories (holster, badge) as desired.


Sexy witch

This costume has roots in the classic film The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and her companions were oh so terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West. For the evil witch, grab one of those black, pointy Halloween hats that are quite popular and a long black dress and black cape. Use face and body crayons to turn your skin a sickly shade of green. Grab a broom as a prop, and you'll be flying high as this sinister sorceress.


Pirate costumes have been around for a long time - the most noted of which are the likes of Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow. For a pirate costume, you'll need a bandanna for your head, topped with a tri-cornered black or brown hat. You could also use a floppy brimmed hat. The rest of the costume can be as fancy or as grungy as you like.


Flapper costume

Fans of the 1920s will enjoy this iconic costume. Start with a loose-fitting, sleeveless slip dress, long gloves, nude colored stockings, and T-strap heels. Add a long pearl necklace and a pair of Art Deco drop-style earrings for sparkle. Finish the look with a cloche hat or beaded or crocheted skull cap. Hair can be pinned up, or you can opt for a bob-style wig.



What do you get when you combine modern, Victorian, and military styles into one costume? Steampunk. The good thing about this costume is that you are free to create your own outfit from various pieces. When it comes to the hat, however, you need to stick with a few specific styles. For ladies, a fascinator, top hat, or mini top hat are perfect choices, while costume hats for men include a top hat or bowler.

Skeleton Groom

Skeleton groom

As another one of this list's top hat Halloween costumes, this choice will probably work best if you have your very own skeleton bride, but it works solo, too. Dress like you would as a traditional groom, sticking to darker colors and classic cuts. Add a top hat or even a stylish trilby fedora, and use face and body crayons to whiten your skin and draw skeletal features.

Forrest Gump

A couple of costumes with hats ideas are possible for this pick: Choose either the bearded or the clean-cut version of Forrest. For the bearded version, wear red running shorts, a white Nike shirt and a red canvas ball cap with a Bubba Gump Shrimp logo on it. Or you can stick with khakis, a plaid, short-sleeve button-up shirt, and the same cap.

Army Toy Soldier

Toy soldier

You have to be willing to strike a pose if you're going to wear this costume. The essential piece of Halloween head wear is the classic Army helmet. Your helmet, entire costume, and your boots should be dyed or painted the color of the tiny army men that inspired this costume - think monochromatic. If you're going to use spray paint, start with a primer first.

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