How to Use a Hat Sizer

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When you're wondering how to fit a hat you like, such as when you find yourself in between two hat sizes or you were gifted a hat that just doesn't fit right, a hat sizer can help you solve the issue. A hat sizer band is designed to make hats smaller. Additionally, if a hat you like to wear just doesn't have the comfort level you'd like, you can use a hat sizer to make your hat more comfy.

Hat sizers come in different materials and colors. When choosing, it all depends on the color that would work the best with your hat and the material you prefer. Find out what you need to know about using a hat sizer as well as hat sizer tips.

Types of Hat Sizers Available

Holding hat sizers

Various types of hat sizers are available to help you make a hat fit. Note that hat sizers are different from hat sizing tape, which is likely thicker, made of foam and just as effective.

For comfort, you can find hat sizers in materials such as felt, jersey and terry cloth. Of course, if your hat is close to the right size, you will want to choose the thinnest material available to avoid making your hat fit too tightly. Jersey or T-shirt material would have the least thickness when compared to felt or terry cloth.

The color of the hat sizer is also a consideration. If you have a light colored hat, you might want to choose a light-colored sizer to avoid too much contrast. In the same manner of thinking, if your hat is dark-colored or made of wool or felt, you might want to choose a dark-colored sizer.

Steps for Applying a Hat Sizer to a Hat

Hat sizers

The first part of the hat sizer steps is to decide if you want to apply the sizer on top of the sweatband inside of your hat or if you want to tuck the sizer in behind the sweatband onto the hat. If you prefer to feel the texture of the sizer, such as terrycloth, then you'll want to apply the sizer on top of the sweatband. If not, you'll need to apply it underneath the band.

Next, you'll want to examine the inside of the hat to determine where it fits too loosely, if applicable. The areas where you experience gaps are the areas where you want to apply the sizer.

The next step is to cut the sizer to fit the areas where you want to apply it. Cut it as small or as large as needed. It's best to measure the area you need to downsize with a flexible measuring tape to avoid cutting too much or not enough.

After you've cut the sizer to the desired length, pull the backing off the sizer to gain access to the adhesive. Then, stick the adhesive side of the sizer underneath or on top of the hat's sweatband. Areas, where the sweatband is the flattest, will be the best places to apply the sizer.

As time goes by, your hat sizer will become soiled. All you have to do is gently pull the hat sizing material off your hat and discard. Then, replace it with new material.

Troubleshooting for a Hat Sizer

Man in a Fedora

Hat sizers often come in a package of two. If you apply one of the sizers to the front or back or your hat and you don't seem to get the fit you want, try applying the second sizer to the other area of your fashionable hat.

Before you try to apply the hat sizer, use some adhesive tape or a lint roller to remove any lint from the sweatband or hat. Excess lint or other foreign materials can cause the hat sizer to not adhere well.

Some people might find that sewing the sizer into the hat works well if the adhesive tends to wear off too quickly.

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