Irish Hat - How to Shop for a St. Patrick's Day Hat

, by Alex Torres, 2 min reading time

Wearing an Irish hat on St. Patrick's Day can be tricky business. All around us everyone is wearing that obnoxious plastic green shamrock hat. How are you supposed to pull off a clever look without looking like a leprechaun? In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, we've compiled a list of fashionably appropriate hats.

Green cap

Ivy Cap - A Standard Irish Hat

Commonly called an Irish cap by some, this flat cap goes by many names. An Irish newsboy cap, an Irish tweed cap, a cabbie cap, or an ivy cap, the list is endless and forever infuriating hat manufacturers. What's important here is that Walrus has smartly named this green corduroy ascot cap “The Guinness." How could you possibly get more Irish than that?


Fedora - A Stylish Irish Hat

Plug in “Irish Fedora" into Google and you get some weird abominations you shouldn't be caught dead wearing. A fedora should be timeless and elegant. It looks great with a suit. What we've done is grabbed a sage green Stetson fedora for your to wear. It's the perfect trick to have you singing Irish folk songs into the wee night hours.

Top hat

Top Hat - A FUN Irish Hat

Ok, so you're convinced all those green plastic top hats are all the rage and you want to one-up everyone. If you're going to do it, do it right. Get yourself a suitable wool felt top hat and put all those posers to shame. This Mad Hatter is a perfect Victorian recreation, and just the right height at 6 inches tall. Pop a clover in the grosgrain hat band and you'll have the luck of the Irish in no time.

Cadet cap

Cadet Cap - A Modern Woman's Irish Hat

We haven't forgotten the ladies in the crowd. Let everyone else look ridiculous in bright green as you throw conventional wisdom out the window by donning this trendy Scala cadet cap. Military fashion ebbs and flow, and the style is back again in full regalia. The olive color is definitely appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, don't let anyone tell you it's not. It will easily match anything in your closet and you'll be the best dressed lass in the crowd.

What's your favorite thing about St. Patrick's Day? Leave a comment below.

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