Best Men's Hats for Sun Protection

, by Alex Torres, 2 min reading time

Men's beach hats are always a challenge. You want as much sun protection as possible, but you also want to look good at the same time. We've put together a collection of the best beach hats for men, to help you navigate the fashionable waters.

Men's Beach Hats



This Santana Seminole is a trilby, which makes it smaller than a fedora. While that's not a negative statement, it means the brim is rather short. Where is lacks in providing adequate shade, it provides a lot of character and spunk.





Santana Spectrum

The Carlos Santana Spectrum straw fedora reminds us of a sun flare. If you're going to lay on the sand and collect those rays, what better fashion statement can you make than with a sun-inspired men's beach hat.






The Rosebud Dobbs Straw Fedora Hat is a smooth choice for a sunny day. It combines the look of a classic fedora style with the lightweight breathability of straw, which allows for plenty of air to move about.





Stetson Panama

Sometimes you want to get dressed up a little and look stylish on the beach. If that's the case, a Panama men's beach hat makes a good tropical choice. This Stetson Reward Panama hat will be a smart move.







We like men's beach hats that have gaps in the crown. It lets in a breeze and will keep you cool. This Santana Mohican fedora is a stylish and fun hat. It even features a Santana guitar on the side, giving it a musical twist.





Stetson Coffee

Stetson is renowned for their cowboy hats. They literally invented them. This Stetson Coffee Tab straw cowboy hat is a Caribbean inspired hat. It includes material under the brim and crown to guard against the sun.





Kaki Hat

With all the fun straw hats out there, sometimes you just want protection. While safari hats don't offer a lot of fashion, they do provide plenty of defense. This Stetson safari hat is no different. Its mesh crown will do wonders for humidity control too.


Even men sometimes desire big floppy hats for the beach. If that's you, you need to pick up this Dorfman Pacific lifeguard hat. Its brim is so wide, it's likely to save your skin from sunburn.

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