Everything You Need to Know About Wearing a Beret Hat

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Does your wardrobe need a touch of mystique? Give your look the high-fashion treatment with a beret!

The beret is a favorite of artists and other creative types. This hat style has an air of mystery and has been a hot topic among hat enthusiasts and others in the fashion world for quite some time. You may be wondering, “What is a beret and when is it appropriate to wear one?" To truly grasp all that there is to know about berets, it is important to understand their history as well as the many looks that can be created using this accessory. The beret has endured as a staple of the fashion world due to its well-established history in fashion-forward France, its unique construction, and unmatched versatility.

Haute History

The Cabbie by Scala is a traditional beret that is available in an array of vibrant colors including this rich red tone.

The beret originated in 17th century France as a local craft adopted by Pyrenees shepherds living on the Spanish border. The manufacturing of the beret was industrialized in the early 19th century when it became common for popular hat styles to be produced in factories. By the 1920s, the beret was already a symbol of the French working class and its influence began to reach the world of western fashion. The beret is also associated with the military due to its use, first by French mountain infantrymen referred to as chasseurs alpins (French for Alpine Hunters) in WWI. It was subsequently utilized by the British Royal Tank Regiment and is instantly recognizable as a piece of distinguished military regalia. The respect garnered by this hat's military association is likely the reason that it is one of the only hat styles acceptable for wear in high-class settings, such as Michelin restaurants.

The Monty by Kangol is an excellent example of a military-style beret with its exposed hatband.

Standout Style

The beret is unique among flat caps due to the unique construction of its crown. The beret completely foregoes any brim. Instead, it often opts for a stylish exposed hatband for a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Traditionally, berets have flat crowns and rounded edges that make for comfortable wear and seamless style. Most berets are made from richly-dyed wool blends and come in a variety of vibrant colors.

Kangol's Modelaine beret is made with genuine wool using the same processes as 1930's farmers to create a classic, carefree look.


The beauty of the beret is truly in its amazing adaptability. The beret has been utilized in both masculine and feminine styles since its early inception and is a perfect choice for savvy stylists of any gender. As these items can accommodate a number of styles, you may still be wondering how to wear a beret. There is really no wrong answer to this question. A beret can be pulled to the side to add a hint of intrigue to your ensemble or pulled down square on the head for a powerful and put-together look. You may even be wondering, “Is it okay to wear a beret inside?" The answer is a resounding yes! Especially since its introduction to military uniforms, the beret has been perceived as a dignified style that is suitable for wear in a variety of situations.














Express Yourself with a Beret!

With its rich history, masterful construction, and versatile expression, the beret is clearly here to stay. If you are looking to buy a beret, Fashionable Hats has a bountiful selection available in styles you'll love. Suitable for men and women of any age, this timeless look will showcase your creativity and individuality. Whether you're looking to complete a fierce military-inspired look or to add a Parisian flair to your ensemble, give your wardrobe the breath of fresh air it deserves, and buy a beret today!


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