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brooklyn hats

Urbane, sophisticated and unquestionably stylish, some hats seem to exude the self-assured panache of city life. They become signature pieces of the wearer, upgrading weekend casual attire to a higher level while injecting a note of confident style into businesswear. Without even trying, the man who opts for these hats always looks polished. Such is the case with Brooklyn hats.

Dapper Business Style

For the man whose daily workday includes a suit or a blazer and trousers, a hat is a distinctive touch. Not ostentatious rather, creating a look that complements the wearer without overshadowing him, a fedora such as the Williamsburg, for instance, adds a bit of brio to business wear. It's the natural straw design and grosgrain band that not only make this sort of fedora a great partner to a summer suit but also make it a seasonal staple in a city man's hat wardrobe. A nod to a businessman's sense of style, a fedora demonstrates his respect for decorum as well.

Cool Relaxation

While relaxed and casual attire is the go-to choice for weekend wear, it certainly need not lack personality. Even when the hat of choice is a simple baseball cap, it's easy to craft a look that distinguishes the marvelous from the mundane. Take a traditional cap with the insignia of a favorite team, for example. Sure, it's a great selection. However, why settle for that when a cap with a unique pattern, a vivid hue or both could offer a dash of pizzazz? Try a snapback hat, comfortably adjusted for size, in a mix of bright colors with a fun, tropical vibe like those featured in Brooklyn Hat Co.'s Miami Vice cap. it's a look that sets the wearer apart from all others in the best way.

Dashing Dress Wear

From dinner parties to weddings, among countless other celebratory occasions, reasons for special dress are just part of a full life. Make a sartorial statement with a wide-brim hat. Accompanying a well-tailored suit, a French-cuffed shirt and striking tie, a black hat in the style of the Garland, a wool felt pork pie hat, is a superlative accent to the overall look. Its color and wide brim make this type of hat both elegant and versatile.

Coordinating men's fashions with Brooklyn hats means the jaunty style possibilities are endless.


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