Indiana Jones Hats

Indiana Jones Hats

The fedora that Harrison Ford wore in the Indiana Jones movies may be the most recognizable hat in the world. The creators of the films designed it that way. They wanted the Indiana Jones hat to be instantly identifiable even if it was just seen as a darkened silhouette. That's why the iconic hat is so distinctly unique.

1930s Fedora

The iconic Indiana Jones hat was designed to match the style of fedora hats in the 1930s which were sharp, classy and manly in look. At the time, the hat was worn by everyone from distinguished men to notorious gangsters to slick detectives. The fur felt fedora traditionally came in neutral colors, such as brown, tan, gray and black. However, they could be found in olive green or navy blue.

The crown was pinched at the front and usually had a deep crease that extended toward the back. The sides of the brim were shorter than the front and the back. Today's Indiana Jones hats come in the same dignified, distinctive style in both leather and felt.

Unique Outdoor Summer Style

Although the fedora tends to represent elegance, Indiana Jones transformed it into a protective head covering that could withstand just about any hazard. You can wear it in the same way.

Take sporty summer fun up a notch by trading in your baseball cap for this crushable fedora. The wide brim will protect you from the sun. The deep crown will ensure that the hat stays on your head as you play. When it comes in felt, this hat is waterproof and will keep you dry during your outdoor adventures.

Casual Elegance

Even with all its toughness, the Indiana Jones hat can hold its own at an elegant function. Wear it to tone down a suit or add flair to a trench coat. It looks sleek with a crisp collared shirt or leather jacket.

Your look might scream, "Safari" if you pair this hat with a khaki shirt and jeans. If that's what you're going for, don't hesitate to flaunt it. You can tone down the costume factor by swapping the drab neutrals for bolder tones. Trade out a woven cotton shirt for a flannel button-down. Even a basic white T-shirt can get a boost of sophistication when it's topped with an Indiana Jones hat.

Women can rock this trend too. A felt fedora looks great with wool sweaters, blazers and laid-back boho fashions. Wearing this hat can remind you that you're confident and adventurous no matter what life throws at you.


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