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Big and Small Church Hats

Although big designer church hats are popular, you can get away with wearing any size topper as long as it doesn't swallow your head and face. Our wide-brim church hats online can take you from the service to lunch. It keeps your head covered in the rain and shades your face and neck in the sun.

It used to be that people would showcase all of their finest possessions when they went to church. Large hats were reserved for those moments. Even people who wore straw hats while they worked would add ribbons or flowers to dress them up before heading out.

If your hat is excessively large, you might want to take it off indoors. It could obstruct the view of those who are sitting behind you. A hat with a small or medium brim, like a cloche or a bonnet, can remain on your head as you worship.

Lady hats come in all shapes and sizes. Fascinators are the smallest of the bunch. They enhance your outfit without covering your entire head. Fascinators show off your playful side even as you're sitting demurely in a place of worship. They're often bedecked with flowers, ribbons and sequins.

These tiny pieces of headwear must be clipped to your hair to keep them from moving around. Some are attached to a headband that slides onto your crown. Wear them tipped to the front, back or side depending on your mood.


Church Hats Online for Men

Guys can wear hats to and from church, but they should take them off inside. A streamlined hat can add to a dapper Sunday look. Felt fedoras look sharp with a suit or slacks and button-down shirt.

Imagine trying to throw on a knitted winter hat with a fancy outfit like that. Try swapping out your slouchy hats for more structured styles when you get dressed up. Although a beret can be worn to church, a fedora is much more debonair.

Other dressy hats for guys include safari hats, Panama hats and boaters. A classic preppy outfit might include an ivy cap. If you go with a bucket hat, make sure that it's made with sturdy materials. A floppy cotton cap is better suited for golf, fishing or a casual Friday. Church hats should be more structured than those that you wear on a daily basis.


How to Wear a Hat To Church

If you're wondering how to style a hat, this is the time for you to experiment. Try sticking to one or two hues in your outfit when you're working with a sizable topper. You don't have to wear drab colors, though. A bright red dress would look fantastic with a straw hat that has floral adornments.

Sticking to black church hats or white church hats can make you feel less timid if this is your first time buying one. These neutral tones will go with all of your dressy outfits. Gray hats are ideal for transitioning from summer to winter, but they can be worn throughout the year.

You may think that churchgoing fashion has gotten less formal in modern times. That's true; most congregations wouldn't bat an eyelash if you showed up in jeans and a sweater. However, if you have it, flaunt it. Our stylish church hats online can show off your penchant for great style.


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